Mr. Toad's Mad Adventures

Saturday, January 11 • 2pm & 7pm
Level I Theatre Production Class (After School)

Saturday, January 18 • 2pm & 7pm
Level I Theatre Production Class (Home School)

A delightful new version of Kenneth Grahame’s always popular The Wind in the Willows.  Toad of Toad Hall is an eccentric but likable chap given to “crazes.”  His latest craze involves motorcars.  Unfortunately, he smashes them up as fast as he gets them.  He even steals one for a wild ride over the countryside.  Naturally, this gets him into a great deal of trouble.  His dear friends Badger, Rat and Mole do their best to help, but their efforts aren’t enough, and Toad ends up in prison…  after an uproarious courtroom scene.  His imprisonment couldn’t please his enemies, the weasels, more.  They quickly take over Toad Hall and trash the place.  Meanwhile, the jailer’s daughter, Polly, thinks Toad is an exceptional fellow and helps him escape dressed as a washerwoman!  On his way back home, he has a wild adventure with a barge owner who is horrified to discover the washerwoman is actually a toad.  When Toad finally meets up with his friends again, they devise a clever scheme to recapture Toad Hall from the weasels in another wild scene. Once you meet mad Mr. Toad, you will never forget him.


Tickets are available for $7 each. Order now online or at the Hilltown Campus office.

Parents of students enrolled in the Theatre Production class may be eligible for 2 complimentary tickets per child.
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